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I decided to upload one of my old games. When I replayed this quiz, it's just full of nostalgia. This was made back in December 2015. This is the first of the current four games. Note that some questions may be cringy and offensive. Please do not take any of them seriously.

The Quiz of Five series was inspired by The Impossible Quiz. Graphics isn't as good as The Impossible Quiz, but my graphical skills are limited to there. So bear with it. There are no power ups.

This quiz has 108 questions is total. And you have 5 seconds to answer all of them, although there is a difficulty settings which allows you to disable this feature. You can only make 2 mistakes.

Release date Dec 22, 2015
AuthorBro. Three
Made withClickteam Fusion
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Install instructions

I think I'll let you find out the procedure for downloading this game, so that you're warmed up for the quiz.


Five Second Quiz.exe 38 MB

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